Course Content

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Role in Supporting Marriages

    • Assemblies and the Institution of Marriage

    • The Power of the Covenant

    • Service: Benefits and Balance

  • 3

    Responding When a Marriage Is in Difficulty

    • Building a Foundation of Trust

    • Meeting with Individuals and Couples

  • 4

    Couple Healing and Reconciliation

    • Resources for Accompanying Couples

    • Providing Referrals for Help

    • Role of Encouragment

  • 5

    Building Marriage Strength in the Community

    • Relationship, Marriage, and Family Education in the Bahá’í Faith Community

  • 6

    Ending Your Course

    • Thank You for Participating in a Course! Please Provide Course Feedback

Ways to Approach This Course

  • You can take this course as an individual member of a Spiritual Assembly or as an appointed individual who is supporting marriages in the community on your own for personal development

  • Your entire Spiritual Assembly or appointed marriage support team can take this course by one person registering and then contacting for a 100% discount coupon for others connected to the Assembly

  • Participants can request facilitation with a marriage educator who is a Bahá’í for a group consultation upon request. These are invoiced at $100/hour.