Purpose of This Course

Strengthening Marriages in Your Community

The goal of this course is to increase knowledge and skills for Bahá’í Local Spiritual Assemblies, their members, or their representatives (such as a Marriage Task Force or other committee) who are responding to requests from married individuals or couples experiencing challenges in their marriages. The intention is that the Spiritual Assembly and its representatives improve their response and that the marriages they are serving have a greater likelihood of improved functioning and unity. It is also hoped that where skillfulness improves that the negative impact of marriages in difficulty on the Assembly itself and on the community that the Assembly serves is lessened. In addition to addressing challenges, this course introduces Assemblies to educational and preventative measures they can take so that couples are less likely to get into difficulties. Note: This course is an individual initiative in service to Spiritual Assemblies in support of an ongoing process of maturation of the institutions. It is not part of an official institutional training program. This is one of many efforts to apply the Bahá’í teachings to the strengthening of marriages.

Course Content

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Role in Supporting Marriages

    • Assemblies and the Institution of Marriage

    • The Power of the Covenant

    • Service: Benefits and Balance

  • 3

    Responding When a Marriage Is in Difficulty

    • Building a Foundation of Trust

    • Meeting with Individuals and Couples

  • 4

    Couple Healing and Reconciliation

    • Resources for Accompanying Couples

    • Providing Referrals for Help

    • Role of Encouragment

  • 5

    Building Marriage Strength in the Community

    • Relationship, Marriage, and Family Education in the Bahá’í Faith Community

  • 6

    Ending Your Course

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Ways to Approach This Course

  • You can take this course as an individual member of a Spiritual Assembly or as an appointed individual who is supporting marriages in the community on your own for personal development

  • Your entire Spiritual Assembly or appointed marriage support team can take this course by one person registering and then contacting susanne@transformationlearningcenter.com for a 100% discount coupon for others connected to the Assembly

  • Participants can request facilitation with a marriage educator who is a Bahá’í for a group consultation upon request. These are invoiced at an agreed hourly rate..


Susanne M. Alexander

Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach

Hi, I’m Susanne M. Alexander, your instructor and companion on this learning journey. While I am a Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach, I’ve also had a lot of experience. I’ve likely walked in your shoes. I’ve been single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, and widowed (currently married). I am a child, stepchild, sibling, step-sibling, parent, step-parent, grandparent, and step-grandparent. All of this has given me a diversity of experience to share!I meet with clients globally via the Internet for relationship preparation and navigating, marriage preparation, and couple relationship or marriage strengthening. I am the lead instructor here at Transformation Learning Center (www.transformationlearningcenter.com). My company is Marriage Transformation®, www.marriagetransformation.com, where I am President and also the author and publisher of numerous books. I am certified by Prepare-Enrich to offer a research-based assessment to couples at any stage and accompany them through learning about themselves and their readiness for the next stage in their relationship (www.prepare-enrich.com) I'm a member of the National Alliance for Relationship and Marriage Education. Media and Writing Experience: Quoted as an expert in HerCampus.com, eHow.com, Washington Woman, Ladies Home Journal, Inc., and more. Susanne is also a journalist with a background in freelancing for Newsweek, SimpleMarriage, and many others. She has authored or coauthored many books, such as Creating Excellent Relationships, All-in-One Marriage Prep, Marriage Can Be Forever--Preparation Counts!, and Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage. Details: www.marriagetransformation.com.