Transformation Learning Center (TLC)

Transformation Learning Center (TLC)

Transforming the Lives and Relationships of Individuals and Couples


Who Am I?

Excellent for knowing who you are as a relationship partner. You will explore your personality and character, and then do some tuning up to be ready for a great partner!


Transforming Individuals, Couples, and Families

Learn why transformation needs to be a vital part of your life, your relationships, and your family. Experience samples of the types of course content the Transformation Learning Center offers (with materials you can use immediately!).


Starting Over After a Relationship Ends

Start over and transition powerfully from a relationship or marriage ending through reflection and activities that bring healing and equip you to move forward in life.


Becoming Whole

Building a woman's self-respect and joy! Reflect and engage in activities that bring healing, personal growth, and empowerment.


Standing Tall

Increase your self-respect and confidence as a man today!