What's Included!

Increased Self-Understanding and Team Building

  • Improve self-understanding, Improve your understanding of others, and Enable working together with others more effectively

  • 64-question assessment tool that consists of 14 scales that measure preferred behavioral tendencies (strengths) for solving problems and working with others. It interprets styles of thinking, relating and behaving in the context of problem-solving and innovation within businesses and organizations

  • The score patterns called "Totems" can be analyzed for individuals or groups to maximize team efficiency for targeted tasks including breakthrough innovation. Understanding your ISPI Totem will broaden and deepen self-understanding, empowering you to best leverage your strengths in both personal and professional situations

  • Combining knowledge of the ISPI scales with observations of others' behavior enhances your ability to participate in team activities and provide leadership in different situations


Phil L. Donihe


Philip L. (Phil) Donihe is a passionate leader, innovation expert, and systems specialist. He is certified to provide the Character Foundations Assessment™  and the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator™. He uses these to assist individuals to understand their personal strengths, growth areas, and personalities. This self-knowledge increases self-respect and the ability to interact well in relationships of all types. Phil is also certified in Change Management. Phil has a background of 30+ years of diverse business management experience. As President of Innovekt®, he has developed leading-edge ways to empower clients to engage and manage their personal development, team formation, and new innovation initiatives. His unique approaches develop and place leaders and team members, liberate creativity, and provide visibility of efforts and successes. Phil's values are: integrity beyond question, service with excellence, and collaboration in creating “new”. He coaches both men and women with a specialty of working with men on their character, values, relationships, and fathering. Phil is married to Susanne M. Alexander and has a son, daughter, stepdaughter, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. He is an avid mountain biker and works out regularly in the gym. www.innovekt.com https://grownet.biz