About the Course

Self-Study Format

  • This course invites a mother and father to nurture the spiritual well-being of a baby during pregnancy. It will help parents, based on the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, to explore and adjust to becoming parents, a significant change.

  • The content can also be useful for a couple who is planning to become pregnant.

  • Topics include: The role and preparation of mothers, fathers, and other family members for the changes ahead; The use of prayer and spiritual scripture throughout the experience; The marriage and family unit as the secure foundation for the well-being of the child; How to build a spiritual and emotional support network for new parents

  • If you are very interested in the course and the price is beyond the ability of your family to fully cover, please contact susanne@transformationlearningcenter.com to consult about a discount

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    Unit 1: The Miracle of Creating a Child

  • 3

    Unit 2: Supporting Each Other

    • Introduction to the Topic

    • Roles of the Mother and Father

    • Keeping Our Marriage Unified

    • Activity: Spiritual Qualities of Parents

  • 4

    Unit 3: Being a United Family

    • Introduction to the Topic

    • Children Are a Precious Treasure

    • Role of the Family Unit

    • Power of Consultation

    • Activity: Family Vision Board

  • 5

    Unit 4: Spiritual Well-Being of the Family

    • Introduction to the Topic

    • Prayer and Meditation During Pregnancy

    • Music and its Effects on the Soul

    • Organic Nature of Service

    • Activity: Pregnancy Prayer List

  • 6

    Unit 6: Building a Community of Support During Pregnancy

    • Introduction to the Topic

    • Including Extended Family

    • Ideas for Meeting Other New Parents

    • Building a Community of Spiritually Minded Families

  • 7

    Completing Your Course

    • Course Ending Reflection