About the Course

Self-Study with Instructor on Call

Marriage can be challenging and complex to maintain, but there is hope for a re-vitalized union. Married individuals and couples will learn practical new ways to improve their marriage with the Bahá’í teachings and science. Individuals will develop self-respect and their character, and couples will gain tools to strive for unity and increased happiness.

Topics in this course include:

  • The importance of marriage and family well-being
  • Kindness, communication, and consultation
  • Dealing with difficulties
  • Forgiveness
  • Prayer and building a support team

Note: If your marriage is quite challenged, you may find self-study difficult and need accompaniment with a professional. Please reach out to us to consult about options: [email protected].

Learning Objectives:      
  1. Refresh my understanding of the importance of the institution of marriage as stated in the Bahá’í Teachings
  2. Recognize my role in contributing to the well-being of my marriage
  3. Appreciate myself as a noble creation of God and the importance of relying on God in our marriage
  4. Understand my character, thoughts, and actions and learn when they help or hinder my own and our marriage well-being
  5. Initiate personal transformation as needed
  6. Explore disunity and unity and take steps toward unity using effective communication and consultation
  7. Maintain peaceful, non-conflictual interactions as an ongoing pattern
  8. Take practical steps toward re-connecting as a couple
  9. Identify what support and assistance might benefit our marriage 

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Unit 1: Going a New Direction (Couple Strengthening)

  • 3

    Unit 2: Maintaining Your Marriage (Couple Strengthening)

    • Setting the Foundation for Improvement

    • Couple Reflection

  • 4

    Unit 3: Strengthening Each of You (Individual Strengthening)

    • Becoming Our Best Selves

    • Self-Management

    • Reviving Your Spiritual Life

    • Reflection: Understanding Your History - Relationships and Families

  • 5

    Unit 4: Our Couple Interactions (Couple Strengthening)

    • Communicating with Skill

    • Consulting As a Couple

    • Couple Reflection on Communication and Consultation

    • Extra Materials: Teaching Consultation Skills to Children; Family Meetings

    • 20191201 UHJ-on-Social-Media-and-Non-Involvement-in-Politics

  • 6

    Unit 5: Dealing with Tough Stuff (Individual and Couple Strengthening)

    • Tests, Resilience, and Forgiveness

    • Individual and Couple Reflection

    • Extra Lesson: Building Unity with In-Laws; Blended Families

    • Quotations About Addressing Conflict from the Bahá’í Writings

  • 7

    Unit 6: Re-Creating Our Marriage (Couple Strengthening)

    • Going Powerfully Forward in Unity

  • 8

    Extra Resources for Your Marriage

    • Extra Resources for Your Marriage

  • 9

    Course Ending Tasks

    • Course Ending Reflection

    • Course Ending Opportunities

Bonus material

  • Bonus material

    $15 value

    eBook of Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage: Applying the Teachings of the Bahá’í Faith to Strengthen Our Union

  • Bonus material

    $5.99 value

    A copy of Building Unified Sexual Intimacy in the Resources section

Appreciation from Participants!

“We loved the course so much! It helped put us back on a spiritual path. It has helped us make time for working on our marriage. It has definitely helped us deal with stressful situations and communicate in kinder, more compassionate ways. Stressful situations have been diffused and problems have been solved more easily and with more love. It was great to feel part of something bigger and that there were so many couples out there who were also in need of a bit of revitalization. ”

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Susanne M. Alexander

Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach

Hi, I’m Susanne M. Alexander, your course creator and companion on this learning journey. While I am a Relationship and Marriage Educator and Coach, I’ve also had a lot of experience. I’ve likely walked in your shoes. I’ve been single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, and widowed (currently married). I am a child, stepchild, sibling, step-sibling, parent, step-parent, grandparent, and step-grandparent. All of this has given me a diversity of experience to share! I meet with clients globally via the Internet for relationship preparation and navigating, marriage preparation, and couple relationship or marriage strengthening. I coordinate the faculty team and am the lead instructor here at Transformation Learning Center (www.transformationlearningcenter.com). My company is Marriage Transformation®, www.marriagetransformation.com, where I am President and also the author and publisher of numerous books. Books authored or coauthored include Couple Vitality, Creating Excellent Relationships, All-in-One Marriage Prep, Marriage Can Be Forever--Preparation Counts!, and Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage. I am certified by Prepare-Enrich to offer a research-based assessment to couples at any stage and accompany them through learning about themselves and their readiness for the next stage in their relationship (www.prepare-enrich.com) I'm also certified to offer the Character Foundations Assessment and have Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I'm a member of the National Alliance for Relationship and Marriage Education. Media and Writing Experience: Quoted as an expert in Upjourney.com, HerCampus.com, eHow.com, Washington Woman, Ladies Home Journal, Inc., and more. I'm also a journalist with a background in freelancing for Newsweek, SimpleMarriage, and many others. I have been creating and offering online relationship and marriage courses for over 10 years.